Riley County Queries: 1996-1997

This page contains a list of archived Riley County queries submitted 1996-1997.

Bobbie Nicholson Thu Aug 14 17:25:11 1997
I am looking for information on the parents of Louis or Lewis Edward Barnett born October 17, 1888 in Manhatten, Kansas. His mother's name was Maude Brooks. Would like to have his father's name and where he and Maude came from. Maude apparently left Mr. Barnett when Louis was very young and moved to Wyoming. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Ann Hanson Tue Aug 12 14:15:16 1997
Luella KENT b. 26 May 1877 in Iowa m. Charles Wesley CONWELL and bore him three sons: Zellen, Vernice and Lawrence. She died in January, 1969 in Manhatten, Riley Co. What day did she die and where is she buried? Any information about this family is welcomed.

Linda Willis Clark Tue Aug 12 06:57:20 1997
Looking for info on Horatio Gates BARNER, who died in Manhattan, Riley, KS. Jan. 30, 1879; wife: Mary Jane Payne, died June 20, 1902. He may have been practicing law. Children are John, Oliver Constantine, and Mary Rose. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Linda in Tulsa

Walter Laffer Fri Aug 22 08:06:17 1997
Henry Laffer b: Oct 1825, Tuscarawas County, Ohio; m: 29 Jul 1852, Coshocton, Coshocton County, Ohio to Helen Wells dau of Welcome Wells and Eliza Gardner Wells, both from Coshocton, Coshocton County, Ohio; d: 1898 Leadville, Lake County, Colorado. Henry, his brother John, and the parents-in-law all moved to Kansas from Ohio in 1856. Welcome Wells served many years in Kansas state politics, at one time as Speaker of the House. Henry and Helen Wells Laffer had two sons; Charles Wells Laffer b: Sep 1858 and John Otis Laffer b: 7 Oct 1865 both in Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas. Henry Laffer ran a ferry across the Blue River, freighted, ran a saw mill, prospected for gold,and ran a shoe store. He financed the shoe store by selling his gold mine in Leadville. John Otis Laffer married May Whitney in Jewell, Jewell County, Kansas on 6 Oct 1887. Their son Henry Wilson Laffer married Carrie Hughes in Jewell, Jewell County, Kansas 14 Jun 1916 Any information about Henry Laffer, his brother John, or his father-in- law, Welcome Wells, along with the various descendants would be most welcome. Thank you.

Greg Godwin Thu Dec 26 22:13:21 1996
I am looking for information on FESTUS GODWIN (b. 11/19/22 d. 5/21/1900in Lasita, Riley County, Kansas. He was married to Mary Ann Miller in1843 in Trumbull County, Ohio. She was born 11/27/1822 and died inLasita, Riley County Kansas in 1898. I am especially looking forinformation on Festus's father WILLIAM GODWIN who lived in TrumbullCounty, Ohio in 1850.

Aaron Lee Jones Sun Dec 22 16:11:48 1996
Surnames...Robert LeRoy Jones Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas, b. 1926
Victor Earl Jones Langdon, Reno Co., Kansas, b. 1881
John Wesley Jones Unknown
Daisy May Sherow Langdon, Reno Co., Kansas, b. 1901
Joseph Roy Witmer Baileyville, ? Co., Kansas b. 1883
Elsie Marie Larson Maridahl/Clebourn, ? Co., Kansas b. 1890

I am also looking for the counties of these towns.I don't know where they are. Just beginning my searchfor my roots. Please contact me should you have anyinformation. Maybe I can be of any assistance.Thank you and good luck. Aaron

Monique Bradbury Tue Dec 17 15:39:25 1996
OWEN MEREDITH OSBOURN, died May 24, 1954 in Coldwater, ComancheCounty. Son of NATHAN MEREDITH OSBOURN of May Day, Riley County.NATHAN was married to NETTIE LOUISE KEECH.Seeking paternal grandpparents of OWEN (may have been spelled OSBORN). Also researchingColdwater, May Day and Stafford County surnames SEBRING, SEFRIT,HOLLOWAY.

Carl W. Dykes Tue Dec 17 20:40:35 1996
Estes, Caleb - looking for the burial place of Caleb Estes and wife MaryE. Moody who were residing in Riley County in 1900. Believed to beburied in Vinton. If a survey of cemetaries has been published for thecounty, I would be interested in buying same. Caleb Estes was born onFebruary 26, 1840 and married in Caldwell County, NC on August 29, 1865.He served in the 26th North Carolina Regiment during the Civil War. Anyhelp appreciated.

John H. Fowler Thu Dec 12 14:33:58 1996
Looking for all information available on MAHAN family in WabaunseeCounty. In particular, John Mahan, bn. 1812 in PA, migrated viaBlair Co.,PA, to Kansas in 1856. Wm. T. MAHAN, bn., Antietam MD,1844, moved to Kansas 1856, died in Wabaunsee Co., 1922. Any Picturesof the early family would greatly be treasured. Wm.'s wife,MARTHA ALICE SCHEFFLER MAHAN, bn., Iowa, 1851, Married Jan., 1872,Died 1882. Any Earlier member of the Scheffler family.

rik sanders Wed Dec 11 17:47:50 1996
i am searching for the family of olga schmidt born in riley county, late 1800's or early 1900's. i was told her father was president of manhattancollege.

Jo Ann Hornby Mon Oct 21 16:53:43 1996
Washington County, Kansas. Looking for ELI H. ROBERTSON who wasa Methodist Minister, transferred from the Arkansas Conferencein 1858, preached in Bourbon, Jefferson, Riley Counties, etc.Shown on 1870 Washington County Census; last appointment wasin Washington, Kansas, 1871; and he withdrew from the ministryin 1874. Not certain he stayed in Washington Co. Thanks forany assistance.

Roberta Mann Mon Oct 14 14:42:04 1996
Looking for information on James Rosco FREEMAN aka Rosco James FREEMAN b.1884, Hamilton, KS. Father: William D. FREEMAN b. OH; Mother: Ada L. (?)b. Springfield, IL.Please E-Mail reply to:

Kirk Hayer Fri Sep 27 09:51:52 1996
I am looking for information on any relatives, on my father's side of thefamily, who may have linved in the Randolph - Cleburne area, RileyCounty. My great grand-father (and grand-father) were born in Sweden andimmigrated to this country around 1876 and settled in the Swedish settlesin and around Randolph - Cleburne - Olsburg. The family name for greatgrand-father was HENDERSON. The family name for my grand-father wasHAYER (or maybe HYER), as he was apparently adopted, following the deathof is mother at birth. The following lists are the names of familymembers which records I am trying to find:
Great Grand-father-- Paul HENDERSON, Feb. 5, 1843, June 8, 1924 and 2ndwife Johanna (NELSEN) HENDERSON, June 22, 1851, July 13, 1929.Children by 1st Marriage of Paul HENDERSON which immigrated to Kansas_Henry August HENDERSON, Jan 10, 1871, May 2, 1891.Children by 2nd Marriage of Paul HENDERSON-- Edla Johanna (HENDERSON)EKWALL, Abt May 4, 1876, Aug. 14, 1959 and husband George EKWALL, Sep.29, 1879, Nov. 1 1911; Eric Johan HENDERSON, May 14, 1876 (Died in earlylife); Paul HENDERSON, Oct. 27, 1877, Jan. 4, 1956, and wife Nellie(LENAU) HENDERSON, Mar. 15, 1883, Aug. 1, 1965; Amy Nomai (HENDERSON)KEMP, June 26, 1881, Aug. 24, 1962, and husband Wilber Pearl KEMP, Mar.7, 1873, Oct. 21, 1954; Ellen Wilhelmina (HENDERSON) GOWER, Oct. 22,1883, Feb. 12, 1967, and husband Charles GOWER, Aug. 16, 1882, Feb. 22,1959; Carl William HENDERSON, Oct. 21, 1885, July 26, 1948, and wifeLaura (JENSEN) HENDERSON, Feb. 23, 1887, Mar. 25, 1978; Gottfred (Fred)Emanuell HENDERSON, Dec. 21, 1887, Feb. 2, 1937, and wife Bertha (BIEBER)HENDERSON, Aug. 12, 1890, Oct. 20, 1975; Alma Elizabeth (HENDERSON)BEVANS, June 20, 1890, Oct. 7, 1915, and husband Joe BEVANS.Also adopted father of grand-father-- Peter G. HAYER, unknown, unknown.

Larry Prather Sat Sep 14 19:12:26 1996
BLANKENSHIP--Riley County, KS. Would like to hear from descend- ants ofIsaiah Blankenship listed in the 1880 Riley County, KS Census. Listed inhis household: Virginia wife, age 30, b. Ind Walter son, age 6, b.Kan Lucy dau, age 4, b. Kan Alta dau, age 5/12 b. Kan MaryM age 69, b. PAIsaiah listed b. Ind, could be son of John, grson of Rev. Isaiah

Robert E.Brandenburg Sat Aug 17 12:16:03 1996
Looking for information on the parents of the following Riley Countyresidents, all of whom were my relatives: Gustaf Brandenburg, b 1850;his wife Anna Haack, b 2/18/1844; Robert Michael Masterson, b 9/4/1850and his wife Martha Ellen World b 7/1/1857; John David Griffiths, b8/15/1842 and his wife Elizabeth Ann Edwards, b 2/15/1842; James MiranNoble, b 7/11/1851 and his wife Anna Dorathea Hermensien, b 8/12/1847. Ihave data from Pioneers of Bluestem Prairie.

Bruce Coonrod Sun Aug 4 09:28:39 1996
I will soon begin researching the following persons who all settled orwere born in Riley County. The information I now have is all from"Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie." Names of ancestorsare:Rubert Albertus Hosmer (1827-96), Alanson blake Carleton (1803-92),Cena (Tucker) Carleton (1804-79), Mehitable Emma (Hosmer) Carleton (1833-82), John Ashton (1816-96), Hannah Jane (Taylor) Ashton (1820-80),Elizabeth (Ashton) Hall (1844-1930), Edwin G. Hall (18??-1874, Emma(Hall) Hosmer 1871-1948).



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